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web experience

Rob Bohn has been working with websites since the mid-90's, starting with HTML, NCSA Mosaic, and the O'Reilly webserver. He's since then progressed past those old school ways and has reformed to using XHTML/JavaScript/.NET with FireFox/IE7 on IIS.

design experience

He's been using the natural-media art program Painter since version 2 (now on version X.1). This program allows you to do design on a computer as if using actual brushes with bristles and watercolors or oil paints, chalk, pencils, inkpens, etc. but also acts much like PhotoShop. He still has the original Kai's Power Tools.

computer experience

Rob has unfortunately been using computers since the mid-70's, and still remembers having only 8K of RAM (that's 8192 bytes - not KB or MB or GB). He started programming in hex and assembler, but also remembers languages like PIRATE (Purdue Interactive Remote Access Terminal Environment) and PolyMorphic Systems BASIC. Now he uses C#, VB, ASP.NET2, JavaScript and whatever else makes sense.

not really related experience

Rob has been rally-racing since the early 80's - rallying is high-speed racing of real cars on real roads, often at night, on bad roads such as gravel/snow/ice/mud/etc. all throughout the U.S. and Canada. See more on Rob's personal website at or see more on the rallying series website